6-Year-Old Boy Rescued In The Middle Of River After Dad Pulled Anchor And Took Off

These days, a video from the American state of Minnesota, where we can watch a real horror, has been circulating on the Internet.

While paddling in the river, a kayaker found a barely 6-year-old boy who had been abandoned by his father after he fell into the water.

Judging by the reactions, the video, which was published on YouTube these days, angered many viewers. To date, the video clip has reached more than 2.2 million views on the mentioned network alone.

Newsnercom, YouTube
We can follow the scene when the kayaker David Jones found a 6-year-old boy in the river St. Louis River near the city of Duluth. Despite his life jacket, the little boy was helpless against the current of the river. David then brought the boy to the shore with a kayak, where he learned the cruel truth.

The boy allegedly fell from his father's boat into the water, after which the father raised the anchor and took off. The boy was unable to swim to shore on his own, and a kayaker came to his aid. Many online users wrote that the police should bring criminal charges against the father, but nothing has happened to date.
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