6-Year-Old Girl Surprises Her Brother With His Own Pet Hamster

Ever since six-year-old Abigail Stout got a hamster for her birthday in early February, her big brother Daniel wanted one too. He decided he would earn the money to buy the hamster himself.

Daniel's mother told him that she would not pay him for chores he is already expected to do, but that he could earn extra money for going above and beyond. "And boy did he," said mom Rachel Stout. "He folded every scrap of laundry, did yard work, dishes, even scrubbed the bathroom floor!"

During Abby's birthday party, she received a few cards with cash and a gift card. When they added it all up, she had over fifty dollars in total.

"When I asked what she wanted to do with her birthday money, she said, 'I want to get Daniel his hamster! He has been working soooo hard!'" said Rachel. "I asked a few more times if she was sure, that it was her birthday money and she could do whatever she wanted with it. She was sure."

While Daniel was at a sleepover, Rachel took Abby to the pet store to pick out the new hamster.
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