79-Year-Old Man Pulled Over For Speeding, Officer Offers To Help Instead

These days, the web has been surrounded by a video from a police vehicle, in which we can follow the police procedure during a traffic control.

One of the officers stopped the speeding driver, then offered to help him with his unusual problem.

Officer Kevin Coates of the Sterling Heights Police Department in the U.S. state of Michigan stopped a 79-year-old driver who was driving too fast on the road.

He soon explained to him that he was in a hurry to go home to his sick wife, and that he has a son with special needs. He also complained to the police that he could not install the TV holder he had recently bought.

The police officer offered to install the mentioned TV holder for the man, but the 79-year-old received only a warning for speeding. Another proof that there are commendable police officers among us.
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