82-Year-Old Woman Performs Final Ballet Recital

These days, a video clip from years ago, in which we can watch the last performance of the 82-year-old ballerina, has spread again on the Internet.

Suzelle Poole showed her talent in ballet dancing, and judging by the reactions, her performance impressed many online users.

The video clip of her performance is already a hit on the Internet - it has reached more than 200,000 views on YouTube alone, and there is no shortage of praise for the dance performance among the comments.

Suzelle Poole, also known as Madame Poole, is an English ballet dancer, dance teacher and poet. She is a former soloist with the Houston Ballet and is known for continuing to perform ballet well into her eighties.

Watch the wonderful video footage of the 82-year-old ballerina's dance performance as she danced on stage for the last time and created excitement. Will she impress you too with her ballet?
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