84 And 54-Year-Old Hand Balancing Best Friends Leave AGT Judges Speechless

In America's Got Talent, auditions are in full swing. Edson and Leon also presented themselves there, and impressed many in the hall with their performance.

They come from the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro, and they are inseparable friends.

They met 14 years ago - at that time they decided to work together, and, judging by the audience's response, they are perfectly excellent.

The 54-year-old Edson and his 84-year-old friend Leon impressed all the judges in the America's Got Talent show as well as many other guests in the hall with an incredible display of power and balance.

Especially the older Leon is a true proof that the age is just a number!

Look at the remarkable performance that America's Got Talent has seen on an audition of two friends, 54-year-old Edson and 84-year-old Leon. Will they take over you too?
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