Abandoned Dog Runs After Its Owners, Heartbreaking Footage Will Break Your Heart

If we get a dog, this means that we accept all the responsibility that a puppy demands from us. Many dog ​​owners care for them very nicely, but on the other hand, there are those who should never have a puppy.

It was like this in the case of a dog from Medellin, Colombia, when strangers witnessed a real heartless act.

The boy and the girl brought a dog on a motorcycle to the market in the center of the city, and then the dog was simply thrown off the bike and left there like a garbage. Passers-by captured the scene on the camera, and then shared the video on the web. And here the cruelty of the owners of the puppy has just got worse...

The confused dog started to run after his owners and followed them all the way. He thought that they only forgot him, but the truth was much more cruel.

The dog gladly jumped onto owner's lap in one of the moments, but that didn't change his mind. He and his girlfriend moved forward, and the puppy was working hard to follow them.

When you see this heartbreaking video, you will probably start crying. Never buy a dog if you can't take care of it!
Shmuli Zema
11 weeks ago
what ever happened to this poor puppy and what pu

What ever happened to this poor puppy?
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