Adorable Baby Kookaburra Demonstrates Its Signature Laugh

A cute video of a baby kookaburra bird has gone viral online.

It is a special species of bird found in Australia and New Guinea, and its call resembles human laughter.

The video recording of the baby kookaburra bird is already a hit on the Internet - it has reached more than 9 million views on YouTube alone, and many Internet users are enthusiastic about the animal's singing.

The scene with the baby bird was filmed in Bunya, Australia, and the adult bird feeds mainly on snakes and small mammals. They are also known for stealing meat from the barbecue, and in ZOOs they are mostly fed with bird food. They are very sociable birds that are not afraid of the presence of people.

Listen to the cute singing of the baby kookaburra, which has captivated many animal lovers online with its image and sounds.
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