Adorable Dog Climbs Onto A Roof Terrace, Falls Down From Ceiling

Many of our pets always want the attention of their guests when visiting, as they are aware that they will in all probability get a pleasant dose of pampering.

The dog in the video, which is already a real hit online, was also curious about the party visitors.

To date, the video has garnered more than 800,000 views on YouTube alone, and the scene will no doubt make you laugh as well. We can follow a dog that first climbed onto the roof and then fell on a blanket that was stretched just below the roof.

Since the dog could no longer help himself, the visitors of the party came to his aid - the dog was carefully lowered back to the ground, and he waved his tail happily during the rescue, and with his innocent image he took over many animal lovers online.

Watch a video from Mexico where we can follow the rescue of a curious dog that fell through the roof while spectating guests. Will he enchant you with his image?
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