Alexander Peroni Huge Crash During Formula 3 Race In Monza, Italy

At today's Formula 3 race in Monza, many spectators could see a new horrific accident. Alex Peroni hit the curb at a high speed, then flew into a guardrail.

The horrific crash happened just a week after the tragic accident of young racer Anthoine Hubert, who lost his life during Belgium's Formula 2 grand prize.

At today's race, Australia's Alex Peroni was left unharmed after the spectacular accident, which is a miracle. Due to a serious accident, the organizers have rescheduled the third Formula One training ahead of tomorrow's World Cup race.

Peroni first hit the curb with a racing car, which caused him to fly high in the air. His Formula 3 race car swung high in the air several times, then crashed into a guardrail on the other side of the racetrack.

Today's horror at the Formula 3 race in Monza was also captured in slow motion. See what drama many viewers have witnessed!

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