Alpaca Gives Birth To Strange Skinny Baby

A video has landed online in recent days in which we can follow the first moments of the little alpaca.

With its unusual similarity, it took over many online users - it was very skinny, but that's how cubs are.

The video, made in Devon, UK, has taken over many online users and animal lovers these days. To date, the clip has garnered just over 50,000 views, and many have been left speechless by the unusual image of the little alpaca.

The alpaca puppy, which barely made it into the world, was very skinny. It weighed only 6.8 kilograms (15 lbs), but according to the authors of the video, this is not uncommon for alpacas.

Take a look at the unusual image of a baby alpaca soon after it peeked into the world. Will you be impressed by the image of the animal yourself?
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