Angry French Bulldog On Diet Throws Tantrums For Not Getting Food

All puppy owners are well aware of the times when it's time for their lunch. It often happens that puppies eat whatever comes before them, but when feeding, they also need to have self-control.

The internet was surrounded these days by a video clip of a French bulldog who could in no way come to terms with the fact that he had already eaten his meal.

The owner wrote in the video that the puppy was on a special diet due to health problems, which of course was not convenient for the little four-legged guy.

He showed his anger clearly and loudly, and the owner filmed his tantrums on camera.

When you see a cute French bulldog flinching when he no longer has food, you will laugh at the scenes in the clip. Do you also have such a dog at home that there is never enough food for him?
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