Arizona Man Uses Over A Million Pennies To Break The World Record For Largest Penny Pyramid

The man from Arizona took care for a new record this time, with which he came in the Guinness Book of World Records.

He made a pyramid out of pennies, with which he broke the previous world record, under which 100 people were signed, who compiled a slightly smaller coin pyramid in Lithuania.

The author of the video built the pyramid of coins completely by himself, and for the final result he needed as long as three years. If the pyramid would be built up continuously, author would have spent 1.8 years for making.

The construction of the pyramid has no glue welding or anything other - the final creation was made only by placing coins on one another.

The pyramid, in height, as well as the length and width, measures 65 stacks of coins, and in each stack there are 11 coins. Look at the extraordinary result with which author took over many these days!
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