Audi Estate Hauls Truck Up A Snowy Hill

From the town of Sobótka in Poland comes a very special scene in which the driver of a truck on a snowy slope encountered problems.

He was not able to overcome the mentioned ascent with his truck, which is why an Audi driver with all-wheel drive came to his aid.

Martin Saroun is the driver of an Audi vehicle in a video that landed on the YouTube network in recent days. He came to the aid of the truck driver when he found himself in big trouble while overcoming a snowy slope.

As a joke, he towed the truck, even though his car slided on all ends while towing. Nevertheless, the four-wheel drive was powerful enough to help the truck driver out of trouble.

Take a look at scenes from Poland where an Audi driver with a four-wheel drive saved the day for a truck driver.
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