Aurora Borealis Timelapse In Northern Norway Is Pure Magic

The polar glow or aurora is the glow of visible light in the upper parts of the atmosphere that is visible at night.

This wonderful natural phenomenon "aurora borealis" or the northern glow was probably named in 1621 by the French philosopher Pierre Gassendi after the Roman goddess of the morning dawn Avrori.

The breathtaking image of the polar glow was also captured by Dennis Schmelz three years ago, leaving many speechless with his video. In the north of Norway, he shot a beautiful scene in the middle of the night, which will surely take over you as well.

The footage was captured in February in the traditional district of Lofoti in northern Norway, and has garnered only 25,000 views to date.

We believe this is the most beautiful Northern Lights video, so we strongly recommend watching it. Would you like to see such a phenomenon with your own eyes?
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