Australia Goes From Brutal Bushfires To Flash Floods, Dust Storms And Hail

Australia is now fighting the floods this time after the bushfires. Strong winds raised dust clouds in southeast Australia, the sky turned orange, and golf ball-sized hail was spotted in the area.

The hail was big enough to smash windows on buildings and cars.

In the east of Australia, many fires are still burning despite the past rain, which has also caused flooding. The rain is of big help to fire fighters, but on the other hand, heavy rainfall has caused many flooding. They also had to relocate many zoo animals.

Floods in Australia:

The Melbourne and Canberra area was also hit by a severe storm last night, bringing hail with it. It was as big as a golf ball, and hail injured many birds besides buildings and cars.

Hailstorms in Australia:

Just a few hours earlier, a very strong wind had been reported in parts of New South Wales, blowing dust clouds into the air. Many videos of the arrival of the sandstorm surrounded the web, and residents told the media that it became dark in the middle of the day and the sky turned orange.

Weather scientists are now announcing new storms for Australia, and authorities are warning residents that the risk of fires is still on despite the rain.

Dust clouds in Australia:

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