Australian Farmer Pays Tribute To His Aunt With Help Of Sheep

From Australia comes a moving video of a farmer named Ben Jackson who was unable to say goodbye to his aunt due to strict measures.

She lost a two-year-long battle with cancer, and due to distance and current measures in the country, Ben was unable to attend the funeral.

His aunt Debby, who lived 250 miles (400 km) away in Queensland, lost her life after a long battle with cancer. Ben lives in New South Wales, and travel to other Australian states is banned.

That's why Ben said goodbye to his aunt Debby in a slightly different way - he laid hay in the shape of a big heart on the lawn, and then let hundreds of sheep graze on the pasture, which quickly created a heart shape.

The farmer filmed the scenes from the air with the help of a drone and shared the video on social media. This is already a real hit around the world, and a moving tribute to his late aunt has touched many online users.
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