Awesome Alexa Gets Ant & Dec's Golden Buzzer On BGT: The Champions

These days, Britain's Got Talent: The Champions is in full swing, featuring only contestants who have achieved many successes in past Got Talent shows worldwide.

Among them is 11-year-old Alex Lauenburger, who, with her puppies, has impressed everyone in the hall this time!

The cute girl Alex, stole all the attention as she showed off the skills along with her eight perfect pooches on stage of a special talent show.

They all jumped and did many stunts together, and the girl's talent most impressed the two show hosts. Ant and Dec pressed a Golden Buzzer for Alex, which directly places her in the sequel to the BGT: The Champions!

The judges said it was without a doubt one of the best dog shows, and you will definitely enjoy it yourself. Will the talented puppies, along with their young owner, take over you too?
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