Axe Wielding Man Chases And Rams Vehicle In Road Rage Incident

That human stupidity knows no bounds is also proven by a video in which we can follow the stupid move of one of the drivers from Australia.

He initially threatened the driver with an axe in his hand, chased him and crashed into his vehicle twice.

The incident was filmed in the seaside town of Byron Bay, located in the extreme northeast corner of the state of New South Wales in Australia. The reckless driver chased another driver on the highway and then lost his temper.

He waved his axe at him through the window, tried to stop him on the highway several times, then ran after him and crashed into his car twice.

The entire incident was reported by the driver to police officers, who sent the suspect to jail for two years. Take a look at the reckless road rage between the two drivers on the highway that was filmed in recent days in Australia.
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