Baby Fox Meeting Other Rescued Foxes

These days, a cute video has landed on the Internet, in which we can follow the fox cub as it meets the other rescued foxes in the shelter.

Judging by the reactions online, the scene impressed many animal lovers, and the video is already a real hit.

To date, more than 130,000 internet users have watched the video with the fox cub on YouTube alone, and many wrote in the comments that the baby fox brightened their day with its image.

The scene was filmed in the SaveAFox shelter in the past few days, and we can follow a new member - a rescued baby fox named Phoenix. He met the rest of the foxes, and their meeting brightened the day of many online.

Watch a cute video from the SaveAFox shelter, where we can follow the baby fox as he met the other foxes there. Will the video make your day better too?
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