Baby Panda Glued To The Zookeeper Dragging Her Around

Last year, a video from a zoo in South Korea landed online, in which all attention was stolen by a panda cub.

As the caretaker cleaned his premises, the cub hugged him around the leg and did not want to let him go at any cost.

The video, in which we can follow a baby panda named FuBao at the Everland Panda World Zoo in South Korea, is already a real hit online. To date, it has reached more than 3.5 million views.

According to the authors of the video, the panda cub is so used to the caretaker there that he follows him every step of the way.

Cleaning the room is a bit of a difficult task for him, as he has to deal with the baby panda all the time. When you see this video from South Korea, your day will become beautiful immediately.
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