Baidu CEO Victim Of Water Attack During Speech On Stage

The Chinese company Baidu, founded in 2000, has been involved in technology for many years, specializing in Internet services, products and artificial intelligence.

During the last conference, where director of the company Robin Li made his speech, there was no shortage of drama!

During one of the speeches, one of the attendees stepped on the stage, while Robin Li recieved a cold shower. Literally!

When he talked about artificial intelligence, one guy walked on the stage with a bottle in his hands, and then poured all the contents over the head of Baidu's director.

Despite the incident, Robin Li remained calm, responding only with the words: "What's your problem?"

Police officers have arrested the attacker shortly after the incident, and he will have to spend five days in detention. See what drama was witnessed these days during a Baidu conference!
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