Bear Attack In Kitchen Of Aspen Hotel Caught On Camera

These days, a video landed on the Internet, where we can watch the real drama from the city of Aspen in the American state of Colorado.

There, a bear wandered into one of the restaurants, and the security guard was attacked by the wild animal during the inspection.

The video, which was published on the YouTube network by the media company 9NEWS, reached more than 100,000 views on the mentioned network alone, but many Internet users did not imagine such an outcome.

A security camera captured the moment a bear found itself in the kitchen of a hotel restaurant in Aspen. The security guard started looking for the intruder, and then encountered a wild animal - upon meeting him, the bear attacked him and knocked him to the ground, after which the bear ran away.

Fortunately, the security guard took it away with only minor injuries. He was taken to hospital due to scratches on his back, but was soon transferred to home care. Take a look at the scene witnessed by a security guard in Aspen, Colorado.
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