Bear Stalks Family Along Hiking Trail In Whistler, Canada

The web has been circulated in recent days by a video in which we can follow the family while walking on a forest path near the city of Whistler in Canada.

During the recreation, they witnessed an uninvited guest - they were followed by a bear for a long time, who was not afraid of their presence.

Brighton Peachey recorded on her mobile phone an encounter with a bear during a family walk, and kept telling her children and husband not to run in front of the bear. They retreated slowly in front of the bear, but the animal followed them all the time.

They wanted to scare her by shouting and raising their hands, but nothing helped to drive the bear away. According to them, in the end the bear just gave up and headed into the woods.

Take a look at an unusual scene when a young family stumbles upon a curious bear while walking through a forest in Canada. How would you react in their place?
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