Biggest Drone Display Ever That Broke Guinness World Record

In October of the past year 2020, Shenzhen Damoda Intelligent Control Technology Co. from China took care of a new world record.

They arranged for a wonderful spectacle in which they created interesting images in the sky with the help of drones.

The company programmed as many as 3,051 drones to fly synchronously in the air. Each drone was also equipped with lights, and with the help of technology, they were able to create many different images in the sky.

With the show, which was prepared by a Chinese company, they entered the Guinness Book of Records, and at the same time impressed many observers who watched the show with drones live.

The venture has been undertaken in recent months in Zhuhai, China, and their video has garnered a lot of enthusiasm online as well. Take a look and enjoy!
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