Biker Shows Us Insanely Fast Downhill Mountain Biking In Laguna Beach, CA

Laguna Beach is a town in California that offers a lot more besides breathtaking beaches. In the surrounding hills, hiking is very popular, but those who are brave enough are boosting their adrenaline with bumpy downhill rides.

One of such enthusiasts is Wes Peebles, who shared a crazy video clip a month ago on the web.

It was created right in Laguna Beach, California, and Wes' downhill run with mountain bike was shot with a GoPro camera mounted on the helmet.

Many commentators attributed the view that his descent was simply crazy, but we can also find some who wrote that they would be happy to perform a similar downhill run by themselves.

When you see the speed at which the steep terrain was beaten by Wes Peebles, you will also be left without words on his video. Would you like to repeat such a downhill run yourself?
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