Bizarre Footage From Gettysburg Shows Two Ghosts 157 Years After The Civil War

On the Gettysburg battlefield, where about 50,000 soldiers lost their lives in three days back in 1863 during the Civil War, an unusual scene was filmed these days.

According to the author, the dash camera in the vehicle allegedly recorded two ghosts, which could also be seen with the naked eye.

Tourist Greg Yuelling visited the aforementioned landmark in the city of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania in the past few days in the middle of the night, when the camera in the vehicle captured a scene that many believe the supernatural forces were taped on video.

The video is supposed to show two ghosts, but given the dim light, it's hard to say what actually appeared in the video. Those who do not believe in ghosts say that the image of the ghost was certainly created by a stain on the windshield.

The video quickly rounded up online these days, and many media described it as a sensation. Take a look at a scene captured by tourist Greg Yuelling during a visit to a former battlefield in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.
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