Black Swan Cygnets Entering The Water In Dawlish, UK

From the town of Dawlish in the UK comes a sympathetic video in which a family of black swans was captured on a camera.

The cygnets entered the water for the first time with their parents, and impressed many animal lovers around the world with their feat.

The black swan cygnets were born at the beginning of October, and at the time of the video they were about 2 months old. They are all healthy and playful, and with their latest feat, they have taken over many.

The city of Dawlish has been inhabited by black swans from Western Australia, which live in harmony with other animals in the vicinity of Dawlish Brook.

Watch a beautiful video with black swan cygnets gathering enough courage to swim in a nearby river. The video is already a real success on the YouTube network - it has already reached more than 6.5 million views in a few months.
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