Blonde Woman Shows How Living With The Dark Winters In Sweden Looks Like

Jonna Jinton is a beauty who lives in the north of Sweden. She posts beautiful videos of her country on her YouTube channel, which are a real treat for the eyes.

A few days ago, she posted a video showing how she spends her long winter nights - in winter, they don't see the sun at all for about a month.

She described the north of Sweden as a place with a lot of sun, and at the same time as a place with a lot of darkness. It all depends on what time of year we are in. During the winter it is dark almost all the time, and during the summer it is bright even at night.

In summer, at a certain time, we can see the sun throughout the day - this phenomenon is called the midnight sun. On the other hand, in winter the sun never appears in the sky, and this phenomenon is called polar night.

Despite the long winter nights, Jonna would never change her home. She always enjoys even when the days are dark. Take a look at her wonderful video, which has already garnered over a million views online.
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