BMW Driver From Slovakia Goes Flying, Crashes Hard Into A Tunnel

Many organizations are always warning us of the importance of our concentration while driving. Alerts and actions obviously did not convince a driver from Slovakia, who yesterday experienced one of the most unbelievable accidents caught by surveillance cameras.

The video was shared by Slovak police on the internet, and in the afternoon it has already exceeded a million views.

Yesterday, just before 5 am, before the Bôrik tunnel on the Slovak highway in the direction of Vodiči, a serious car accident happened, in which a 44-year-old BMW driver was involved. On the highway, he hit the concrete block just before the tunnel, and then his vehicle was thrown high into the air.

He hit the the upper part of the tunnel, then stood on the overtaking belt. It is a real miracle that the driver was taken away without injuries, and the police also made a breath test for alcohol that showed that the driver had no alcohol in his blood.

Take a look at what a horror the driver of a BMW vehicle experienced yesterday on the Slovak highway!
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