BMW Driver Hits Pedestrian, Gets Instant Karma

Traffic always requires attention and caution, as evidenced by a past incident that occurred in Poland.

There, the driver of a BMW vehicle overlooked an elderly pedestrian, hit him at the crossing and fled the scene of the accident.

The scene, which was filmed in the city of Krakow in Poland, is already a real small hit all over the web. We can follow the accident at the pedestrian crossing that happened right next to the police vehicle.

The driver of the BMW vehicle braked too late in front of an older pedestrian and hit him slightly, causing the old man to fall to the ground during the retreat. The driver did not stop, even though there were police officers in the other lane.

The police officers then chased after the runaway driver, providing an instant lesson. Take a look at an unusual incident that has happened in Poland in recent days.
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