Boaters Captured The Exact Moment Italy's Mount Stromboli Volcano Erupted

Three days ago, a volcano Stromboli erupted on one of the Lipari islands near Sicily.

Today, the web has been circled by another video, in which we can see the moment when the volcano erupted!

One death is reported from the island - life was lost by a hiker who was along with his friend on his way to a 900-meter-high volcano. His friend is also wounded, but out of a deadly danger.

Shortly after the outbreak, the web encircled a number of videos. Among them is a video from a yacht in which we can see the moment when the Stromboli volcano erupted.

Immediately after the outbreak, the ash cloud reached two kilometers in height, and the lava flowed from all active openings of the volcano. Local priest Giovanni Long said that "it was like in hell, as fire raindrops fell from the sky."
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