Boy Kisses Little Girl During Street Performance

A moving video has landed on the YouTube network these days, in which we can follow the street performance of a girl named Karolina Protsenko.

She had a very special fan - a little boy who even kissed a talented girl during the performance.

12-year-old violinist Karolina Protsenko is already a real star online - she publishes numerous performances on the violin on her YouTube channel, with which she always impresses the world.

It was no different this time either, when she experienced a very pleasant surprise while playing the song 'Warrior', performed by Demi Lovato in the original. One of the little boys kissed her, and the scenes took over many online users.

Watch the pure childish joy during the street performance of 12-year-old Carolina when she played the song 'Warrior' on the violin. Will the scenes take over you too?
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