Boy Smashes iPhone Infront Of Mom, Yelling At Her To Buy Him A New Model

Unfortunately, spoiled children are a big problem for many parents. There are more and more children like these, and parents promise them everything possible in the desire for peace.

These days, the internet has again been surrounded by a video of a boy with many parents holding their heads!

The boy in the video has asked his mother for a new iPhone XS. Because she did not satisfy his wishes, he wanted to achieve that with violence. He owns the penultimate model of a luxury iPhone, but wanted the latest model when the new phone came out.

Because his mother refused to buy him a new phone, he completely smashed his phone in front of her, then even dumped the device into the pool!

Many parents are appalled at his move, and online comments say that they would never buy such a son a new phone in his life. Would you buy it if he would be your son?
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