Brandon Leake Gets Golden Buzzer On AGT 2020 With Powerful Poetry

On the stage of the America's Got Talent, these days they witnessed a very special contestant who showed extraordinary talent.

He is engaged in poetry, and it was with his words that he impressed the judges so much that he received a Golden Buzzer in the show America's Got Talent 2020.

Brandon Leake, according to the show's creators, wrote a history when he appeared on American talent as the first spoken word artist. He presented himself with original poetry dedicated to his younger sister. He had previously told the judges that she was also on the stage with him.

The judges thought that his sister is in the backstage, but he revealed her fate with his moving poetry. Years ago, she lost her life, and he prepared a tribute to her with moving words in the form of poetry.

The most touched by the emotional performance was the judge Howie Mandel, who rewarded Brandon's talent with a Golden Buzzer. This places him straight in the semifinals of the America's Got Talent 2020 show.
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