Brave Fishermen Approach Distressed Whale To Save His Life

These days, a video has landed on the Internet, in which we can watch the rescue of a whale that unfortunately got stuck between the rocks.

A whole group of fishermen came to his aid, and before that the whale was spotted from the air with the help of a drone.

The video, which was published on the YouTube network these days, is already a real hit there - it has reached almost 5 million views to date, and many animal lovers online are delighted with the outcome.

We Love Animals, YouTube
We can follow the scene with Bryde's whale, when the mighty animal got stuck in shallow water. As the whale was surrounded by rocks, he injured himself several times trying to rescue himself, and a group of fishermen came to the whale's aid without hesitation.

First, the whale was secured, then with the help of a rope and a small boat, he was pulled to a more open sea. The others soon joined the rescue, and eventually the whale swam back to freedom. Well done to all involved for such an efficient and quick rescue.
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