Brothers Gage Surprise The Judges With Harmonica Performance On AGT 2020

On the stage of American talent, the Gaga Brothers, who have a very special talent, performed at previous auditions.

They have been playing the harmonica since they were little, and in the show America's Got Talent 2020 they presented themselves with an original song.

17-year-old Alex and 15-year-old Brody learned to play the harmonica at a very young age, when they were 5 years old. In the years that followed, their love of music grew, and they currently perform in bars, events and parties around Los Angeles.

They also presented their talent at the audition of the show America's Got Talent 2020, when they played an original song to the judges. Their unique performance has impressed many music fans around the world - to date, the video has been viewed by over 900,000 YouTube users.

Listen to a wonderful performance in which Alex and Brody presented themselves with a harmonica and an original song on the show America's Got Talent 2020.
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