Buffalo Mom Sacrifices Herself To Save Her Baby From Lions

These days, a video landed on the Internet, where we can watch an unusual scene from the Kruger National Park, which is located in South Africa.

There, one of the tourists filmed the moment when a buffalo mom sacrificed herself to save the life of her cub.

The video, which landed on the Latest Sightings YouTube channel these days, is already a real hit on the aforementioned network - to date, it has reached more than 400,000 views there.

Gavin Brett captured the moment he and other tourists encountered a herd of bison during a visit to the Kruger National Park. One of the cubs was attacked by a group of lions, and soon after, his mother bravely stood up to the lions to save her baby.

The latter managed to escape from the lions, but his mother unfortunately became their prey. Undoubtedly, proof of the extraordinary motherly love that wild animals have for their cubs.
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