Bukhu Ganburged Sings 'Mother And Father' On The Voice Australia 2020

At the blind auditions in The Voice Australia 2020, the contestant Bukhu Ganburged, who has a very special singing talent, also presented himself in May.

All of the judges wanted to have him in their team, as they had never witnessed such a special performance before.

Bukhu Ganburged comes from Mongolia and has been involved in throat singing for many years. It is a special way of singing with the help of the throat, and the technique is typical of the cult traditional music of the peoples of Siberia, Tibet, Mongol and Tjuro peoples.

The musician presented himself at the blind auditions with the song "Mother and Father", and impressed both the judges and many guests in the hall.

Listen to the unique performance of the singer from Mongolia, when he impressed many with his throat singing in the show The Voice Australia 2020. Will he convince you too?
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