Bullies Call Her Son An Alien Due To Unusual Shaped Head

Bajeneza Liberata from the African country of Rwanda is looking for financial help through good people around the world to be able to help her son.

The baby was born with a deformed head, and doctors have not yet explained the reason for such a deformity.

Residents, and especially children, retreat in front of baby's mother, as the image of an unusual baby scares them. Many call the little baby "alien" and "monster", and the mother is severely affected by the evil tongues.

Despite the disgust of the locals, she loves her child immensely and will do everything to give her son a better life. Shortly after the birth of her son, her husband, who did not want to accept such a child, also left her in the hospital. He never returned back to his family.

Take a look at a sad story from Africa in which a mother shows a child in front of the camera, which many fellow villagers call a devil and an alien.
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