Bus Driver Dances To Taylor Swift To Make Little Girl's Day Better

Last year, a really nice video landed on the YouTube network, in which the bus driver has gone viral around the world with his action.

He brightened the day for a little girl who boarded his bus, and the whole event was filmed by the girl's mother and the video was posted online.

On her way to the American city of Orlando, a little girl named Emerson experienced a wonderful surprise when she told the driver on the bus that this was her favorite song. Just then, the song "Shake It Off", which singer Taylor Swift presented to the world in 2014, was played on the radio.

The driver of the bus turned up the volume at the girl's words, and then danced with her. Despite the hard work, he took the time to brighten up the little girl's day.

His action sparked a wave of enthusiasm among online users, who wrote in the video that he is without a doubt the friendliest bus driver in the world.
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