Camera Captures Tear-Jerking Moment Shelter Dog Realizes He's Going Home

If you are like most people, thinking about all the pets stuck in animals shelters without hope for the future can sometimes be too hard a thought to bear. It is a sad fact that many animals remain unadoptable, some never having experienced a safe and loving home at all.

When sweet and shy Benny the pit bull was brought to the Carson Animal Care Center in Gardena, California, there was a good chance he was going to be put down. The puppy had no idea what his future held.

Benny was completely oblivious to the possibility of being put down, so he passed his days greeting visitors, eager to find somebody to love. But week after week, Benny sat in his cage.

No one was interested in adopting him. His hope began to wane and sitting in that kennel day after day began to wear him down.

It wasn't until one miraculous day in December when the sweet pup finally received the news he had been waiting for. At first, he seems confused as the worker slips a special red leash around his neck.

He has no idea where he is going, but the moment he steps out of his cage, reality strikes. What happens next will leave tears in your eyes.
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