Cammer Drives Around With High Beams On, Truck Driver Gives Him A Lesson

While driving on the road, especially at dusk, many of us are disturbed by drivers who drive with high beams on.

It is true that most drivers do not even know that they have high beams on, but among them there are also those who drive with high beams on purpose.

Such is also the driver of the car from which the video comes. In the US state of New York, he drove with high beams, because otherwise he sees the road and what is happening around him very poorly.

He drives with high beams on because he has dimmed the lights with foil, and according to him, this gives him the right to do so. The driver of the semi-truck driving in front of him disagreed.

As he was disturbed by the high beams, he gave an instructive lesson to the driver of the vehicle from which the video comes. He turned on the powerful headlights at the back of his truck and made many online users laugh with his move. Lesson learned?
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