Car Carrier Slams Cargo Into Overpass, Ripping Roof Off Car

Certainly many drivers agree with the fact that there are still too many careless drivers on the roads. This is also demonstrated by a video clip that circled the web in those days.

In it we can see an unusual traffic accident that happened while driving on the highway.

The video comes from the United States, and we can witness an unusual traffic accident. On the highway I-95 a truck driver with a trailer on which cars were loaded was driving. On his unluck, he did not notice that the load on the trailer was too high for some overpasses.

Many drivers watched in shock what will happen to the highest loaded vehicle when the truck was about to drive under a low overpass.

The entire drama of collision was taken by another driver on the dashcam in his car, while the car loaded on the trailer was torn off the roof. See what unusual accident these days was witnessed by drivers on the I-95 highway.
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