Car Narrowly Misses Toddler At Crosswalk

From China comes a video in which we can follow a real drama at one of the intersections in the province of Chongqing.

The 3-year-old girl ran across the pedestrian crossing on her own, and the speeding driver barely stopped the vehicle - he missed the girl by a few inches.

The driver of the van nearly collided with a three-year-old girl who ran across the road at a pedestrian crossing. He drove too fast, but still managed to prevent the tragedy - he stopped his vehicle just inches away from the little girl.

Police soon tracked down the man and ordered him to pay a fine of 200 yuan ($30) for failing to slow down with the vehicle before the pedestrian crossing. He was also punished with three penalty points.

Take a look at an unusual scene from China in which a driver barely stopped his vehicle in front of a 3-year-old girl who ran across the road on her own.
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