Car Slips In Rohtang Pass In India, Gets Saved By Other Drivers

Just before the start of this summer, a video clip from India with a driver in trouble has landed on the Youtube network.

His vehicle slid into the chasm on one of the passages, and was quickly assisted by a number of drivers passing by!

At the Rohtang Pass, India, at an altitude of 3,978 meters, the driver of the Tata Nexon got in big trouble. His vehicle slid towards the chasm, and without any hesitation, other drivers came to his aid.

They sat on the vehicle, creating a different center of gravity, and thanks to their intervention, the driver was able to drive on the road again.

Many on the web have highlighted the fact that complete strangers have worked together to help the driver, proving that human goodness still exists. See how they rescued a vehicle that slid off the road in India!
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