Car Vs Excavator Ends In Instant Karma

An older video is coming from the city of Saint Petersburg in Russia, in which a driver of a car and an excavator operator provided a dose of drama.

The dispute on the road soon turned into a relentless showdown, and the entire drama was filmed on camera in the vehicle by a third driver.

The driver of the car and his co-driver lost their temper on the road because the excavator blocked their way. They got out of the vehicle and then verbally and physically attacked the excavator driver. The driver of the vehicle from which the video comes tried to calm his passions, but was not the most successful.

As the two angry Russians headed toward him, the excavator driver took matters into his own hands. He crushed their vehicle, and a video of the drama quickly rounded up online.

Many online are speculating that the scene may have been fake. What is your comment on the revenge of the excavator operator from Russia?
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