Chinese Driver Hurls Coffee At Another Car In Road Rage Incident

Many residents of China were infuriated these days by a video in which a dispute broke out between two drivers on the road.

It all went so far that one of the drivers threw a full pot of coffee at the other's windshield.

The driver allegedly "fought" on the road before the scene in the video - which is why one of them was looking for his revenge.

In the video, we can see a scene where the said driver overtakes the driver of the vehicle from which the video is coming, and then brakes on purpose in front of him. As this would not be enough, the driver threw a coffee into the cammer's car.

When a video of the incident landed online, the Chinese public demanded a severe penalty for the driver who threw coffee at another vehicle. He soon apologized and said that he is ashamed of his act and sincerely regrets it all.
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