Coast Guard Stop And Raid A Semi-Submersible Drug Smuggling Vessel

The US Coast Guard has shared a video on the web that looks like a scene from the movie. They went on a hunt for a submarine that did not respond to their orders, so they had to take action.

The team of experienced Coast Guard members jumped to the submarine that floated just below the surface, then opened the flap and grabbed the man who was inside.

During the campaign, in the Eastern Pacific, members of the CGC Munro patrol ship seized almost 7 tons of cocaine inside the submarine.

After the action, the US Coast Guard broadcasted the scene via the Facebook network and the event was also attended by US Vice President Mike Pence who personally thanked the members.

The scenes captured by one of the US Coast Guard members quickly became online viral. Up to now, the video clip of the action exceeded 360,000 views in less than a day. See what a drama looked like!
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