Colorado Family Releases Video When They Got Hit By Avalanche On I-70 Highway

In the US state of Colorado, a lot of snow fell in recent days. This was also the case in the vicinity of Frisco, and many drivers there witnessed a special scene on the nearby highway I-70.

The avalanche was triggered, which caused the highway and many vehicles that were passing by that moment to get covered in snow.

A video of US journalist Jeremy Hubbard has been released online yesterday, when he captured the avalanche scene near the Ten Mile Canyon.

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Yesterday, a video clip by Shaune Golemon was uploaded to his Youtube channel. After having fun at the Copper Mountain ski area, he and his family drove on the highway, where they experienced a real shock. The avalanche reached the I-70 highway and covered some vehicles, including the Shaune's vehicle.

Shortly after the first video, Shaune also uploaded a clip from the rear camera, which also caught a scene with the avalanche. On his channel, we found even a video in which the aftermath of the avalanche can be seen.

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