Couple Meets A Beach Dog In Mexico Who Changes Their Life

A few days ago, a touching video of a couple who met a very special friend on the beach while visiting Mexico landed online.

There, they were visited every day by a dog that the adventurers thought had no home.

That's why they fed him every day, they even called the vets who took care of the puppy. Time passed relentlessly, and the love of adventurers for the dog was growing day by day.

In recent days, they have found out that the dog has his own home, but his owner is very poor. He makes a living by fishing, and often runs out of money for food and medicine for the dog. He told the travelers that they could take the dog with them, as that would definitely make his life better.

And they really took him aboard their RV, where they share the premises with two more dogs. Check out the touching video of a couple who fell in love with a dog on the beach in Mexico.
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